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Our logo

Our logo

For ten years our logo has represented a cell, the main unit of every living being and the smallest living structure.
Each cell is a self-sufficient unit: it assimilates nourishment and turns it to energy and relations. It can also reproduce and do specialized functions. Cells all together form an organism.
Family is described as the main cell of the society (from Familiaris Consortio, 42: “family is linked to the society by living and organic ties: through its service to life, family is its own first nourishment. Family gives life to new citizens and it is for them the first school of social virtues, the soul of development of society”). The Italian Constitution defends main family rights by the article 29: “Italian Republic recognizes family rights as a natural society based on marriage”, and by the article number 31: ”Italian Republic facilitates new families through economic policy, with a particular care for the large ones. It safeguards maternity, childhood and youth, creating facilities for this purpose”.

The very first human cell is formed by the union of a woman’s egg cell with a man’s one: the first cell receives, the second one gives his life. Suddenly, something extraordinary happens: 23 of 47 man’s chromosomes meet as much woman’s other chromosomes, creating a new life.

This union and exchange, its logic and order are the main wonder of Creation: the outcome of a human meeting, of a marriage tie, the archetypal of the marriage rate.

Then, another divine miracle happens: the new cell divides into two parts and each of them contains the very first cell’s love property.

Thus, the formation of all the human cells celebrates this first cells meeting which gave and received each other with joy and whishing. We are all that. That is our body, that is our association: loving cells, giving cells, receiving cells. Every cell of our body celebrates the wonders of marriage.

While working in the restyling of our website we have tried to maintain such symbols, though with a new modern layout. The colours chosen want to express our families deep values that are the same of our association.

The various tones of blue convey harmony, love, fondness as well as deep comprehension in relationships. Blue also expresses loyalty, solidity and trust, as can be found in our families. It is the colour of tenderness and joy of life which is explosive in our homes. Light blue recalls early childhood, delicacy, innocence, but it’s mainly the colour of Heaven.

Staring at our logo you can’t help feeling serenity and wellness, the same sensations you feel when looking at the horizon line between the sky and the sea, as well as when we watch our sleeping children at the end of the day.

In the new layout, while maintaining the original traits, we have emphasized the life generating meeting. Cell and egg, with their blue tones are the background to the image of the family coloured in white, representing the lighthouse of society.


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